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I describe myself as a passionate person, high energetic who has a strange crush to keep myself challenged. I can’t stand on one topic and be specialist on this for my entire life, I have to study a set of different things, and my big pleasure is to find intersections on it!!!

Now, as a Brazilian’s student (Entrepreneurship) who lives in Canada, started working really early and since programming as the first job to anime children’s parties when I broke one of my companies in my 20s. I can say I always enjoyed venture and used it to learn the most diversified set of skills.

In one side…

Fascinated for education, always that was possible I kept involved in teaching and motivating activities. Since high school teaching chemical, later in technical courses teaching programming, to the last achievement about being a professor of “Integrated Project”, using knowledge of labor market and IT to help my students to be better professionals after university.

In the other side…

Last experiences focused in Enterprise Architecture (strategy), working for over 16 years in IT and of these 8 in banking systems and business. Possess a commanding knowledge of Enterprise/IT Strategy, Architecture and a broad set of disciplines and Technologies using all to improve results. Specific ability to translate complex business issues and challenges into tangible, innovative and viable solutions, including economics and benefits.

About soft skills, I have no better description than DISC Personality described me:
“She has a strong inner motivation to influence people and circumstances. She thrives on competitive situations and challenging assignments.
The stresses and pressures of everyday work and life are unlikely to reduce her effectiveness and enthusiasm.”


Thank you!

Marcia Stipa =o]

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