This is the most personal, about my choice of banks… but it’s a blog, I’m allowed to do it 😉

Anyway, to have your opinion, I would recommend you to check the factors that are important to you in the 3 other posts.


The final choice can be different from other point of view, from different needs, and that is why this choice will came together with an explanation about why this is or no a good to keep an account to the author. My disclaimer is: PLEASE CONSIDER YOUR VARIABLES when look to your condition.

“The choice”

I’ll keep only three main banks because work every day in all of them is difficult and confusing. I’m glad is finished! Let’s know the top 3:


During theses 4 posts, I tore praise for my lovely Tangerine: great technology, I loved the interactions, the quick answer and the simple way to communicate that they have, but when I asked my husband, I got a totally different opinion. He thinks Tangerine was lazy and he felt absurd to have to visit the Cafe once (he has no idea what I had to do to open the other accounts, anyway) and he really rates the fact of Tangerine doesn’t work with Interac, because he loves it. Ok, let’s use the wife’s power and say “Please, use it!”.

There are some other reasons that were not about Interac and not about the first KYC of the Bank, but reasons to keep Tangerine in are:

  1. They pay interest in the Chequing Account
  2. They have the high technology among the banks, it’s important to keep an eye
  3. No fees never and forever, I mean they know how to work with our money making it pleasurable for us
  4. No limit transactions
  5. They have fewer costs (clearly repasses less) and are rated the bank that had highest grown in Canada recently

TD – Canada Trust

To talk about TD, I’ll say: “despite”they charge me for more than 25 transactions (1 Hot Chocolate at Tim Hortons just mess your transaction counting), I want to keep it because

  1. Interact is so easy (and danger too, but…)
  2. Pay interest in the Chequing Account
  3. You can get cash anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE
  4. Is one of the most acceptable banks to interact with other universities, online shopping and etc


I like this grandma bank because of the interest. They have the best interest for a common savings account.


Ok, I have to confess!

I’m going to keep all the accounts, to see how they work, what is changing and improving. Of course, if I found something really interesting, I came back here and tell the news.



Each one has a different way to treat customer and to work, as their values show. For me their values matter (tech), interest rates matter second, and convenience matter as well. But something I use as the main requirement: no fee.

If you want to decide yours, choose what matter most and look back to the other posts.

Thanks to follow all the three!