In this area, I’ll post general 10 minutes presentation for the most different topics as I find out in my studies and career. Here the content is only the presentation, but is really important to remember that the speech involved is what drive your public, and I can share it too.
It is only one post, but with updates to include presentations.

1. Overview Career Plan

  • Common traps
  • Main tools
  • Self-development plan

(Public Prezi: Career Plan Link)

2. Why the Ritual of Proposing is Completely Wrong

A general explanation about the “Disney Dream” forced in the children’s mind, the expectations about each “side”of a couple, divorce numbers and why biologically the woman is better to understand and propose.

(Public Prezi: Why Ritual Proposing is Wrong)

3. Pet Cafe – Hypothetical Business

An explanation of how could be incredible and pleasant a Pet-Cafe in the gay neighborhood “Church Street” in a big city like Toronto.

(Public Prezi: Pet Cafe)

4. Jack the Ripper

Basically, this presentation shows the mystery involved in the Jack the Ripper’s cases. Later the repercussion, until to become one of the most famous rapists of the history.

(Public Prezi: Jack The Ripper)

5. Food in 3rd World Countries (Malnutrition)

In an interactive way, this presentation starts with questions that most people doesn’t know about malnutrition, showing information about the problem and also about NGOs that work in solution for these problems around the world.

(Public Prezi: Food in Third World Countries)

6. Technology – The Future Knocked on Our Door

Presentation to new university students, in a set of fields, except IT. The main point of this presentation is to instigate this new students in act provoking their minds during the classes, after all nowadays is impossible to live without tech, and we need Tech innovation from other fiels.

(Public Prezi: Technology – The Future Knocked on Our Door)

7. 5 minutes about the Panama Canal

Presentation to the Operations Management class targeting the complexity of the systems in the Panama Canal and the huge project involved on it.

(Public Prezi: 5min Panama Canal)

Do you want to use? Remember that the speech is also important. I can share with you all my outlines! Just let me know 🙂

Thank you!